Join our fleet today

We now have the country’s second largest fleet, and it is growing day by day. We cars available in every major city in the country and operate 24/7/365. We want you to be a part of this. If you commit to us, we will commit to you.

10% Commission Rate

Our driver commission rate stands firmly at 10%, the lowest in the country. We will never increase the commission beyond 10%, however we will do our best to further reduce this cost with promotions, and certain types of work.

Car Branding

If you choose to spread the TAXY brand by applying some of our car stickers, you can reduce this charge further to 5% commission until 1st December, 2020.

No hospitality charges

At TAXY our drivers do not incur hospitality charges, unlike many of our competitors. Another angle to ensure drivers costs are reduced going forward.

Ireland's fastest growing fleet

Each day we are signing up new drivers, we continue to grow and we’ve no intention of stopping.