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We are 100% committed to drivers, a truly driver focused approach backed with industry leading tools and technology – putting the control back in the hands of the drivers. Our aim to automate the Irish taxi industry and create equal playing field for all the drivers. 

Want to find out more? Call Mick for more information, 087 7214930.

Finally, the DRIVER's APP is here!

Join today and keep 100% of every fare..*

  • €5 per week for the driver App, for maintenance and development charges. FREE for first 2 months.
  • 3% charge on card bookings (this is to cover the bank charges)
  • All accounts paid weekly.
  • 100% automated and equal playing field for all drivers, closest car gets the job.
  • No discount on any fare.

*Available in selected areas.

Help us to help you...

  • Brand your taxi.
  • Promote the TAXY app.
  • Card all customers in your car.
  • TAXY will supply all cards and branding.

For more information, contact Mick 087 721 4930.

No hospitality charges, No Discounts

At TAXY our drivers do not incur hospitality charges, unlike many of our competitors. Another angle to ensure drivers costs are reduced going forward.

Ireland's fastest growing fleet

Each day we are signing up new drivers, we continue to grow and we’ve no intention of stopping.

We're Going Places

and we want to go there with you